Saturday, July 25, 2009

Maalai Nehram..

I was downloading the songs of Selvaraghavan s "Magnum Opus" movie 'Aayirathil oruvan'..ya old movie by GVP..pretty impressive guy for a starter and only 22..and the only song which impressed me..Maalai Nehram..soft,smoothly delivered,soothing and on top of all this nice on the ear...unlike the thrashing sound of death metal i usually listen to..the song brings a calmth to your soul..listening to the song gave me that stirring look into the past..all that meant a lot to me..i still was raining the other day and as usual there was no power..sitting idly near my front door i looked at my i only loyal mate..i spend almost four hours everyday with it(not that i just simply sit and listen to it..) was then the song first echoed in my ears..and i couldnt stop listening to it..its a simple song..straight from the bottom of your heart kinda song..i was starin blankly at the rain drops lost in thought..recounted my long lost so called 'love' life..brought a smile though..and the sog sung by Andrea..i watched Pacahakili Muthucharam,her first movie so mamy times just for cute she is..and her rendering this song is simply classic..usually when i listen to songs from a new album its my habitual curse to imagine how it would look on the big screen..and i imagine situations the actors the places the sets..everything including the camera angles and face expressions..and mostly it is a let down..examples..Ellapughazhum..a stirrer by Rahman..and wat does that so called actor do with it..aaargghhhh..and another one called S.J.Suryah..kills all the life in the most amazing songs with his gimmicks..i hope Maalai Nehram doesn become one of wont..selva s dependable to provide good stuff..i just now saw the performance of the song by Andrea..sounds so good..brings a small tear with its melonchalic tone..hats off GVP..chow!

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