Saturday, July 25, 2009

Maalai Nehram..

I was downloading the songs of Selvaraghavan s "Magnum Opus" movie 'Aayirathil oruvan'..ya old movie by GVP..pretty impressive guy for a starter and only 22..and the only song which impressed me..Maalai Nehram..soft,smoothly delivered,soothing and on top of all this nice on the ear...unlike the thrashing sound of death metal i usually listen to..the song brings a calmth to your soul..listening to the song gave me that stirring look into the past..all that meant a lot to me..i still was raining the other day and as usual there was no power..sitting idly near my front door i looked at my i only loyal mate..i spend almost four hours everyday with it(not that i just simply sit and listen to it..) was then the song first echoed in my ears..and i couldnt stop listening to it..its a simple song..straight from the bottom of your heart kinda song..i was starin blankly at the rain drops lost in thought..recounted my long lost so called 'love' life..brought a smile though..and the sog sung by Andrea..i watched Pacahakili Muthucharam,her first movie so mamy times just for cute she is..and her rendering this song is simply classic..usually when i listen to songs from a new album its my habitual curse to imagine how it would look on the big screen..and i imagine situations the actors the places the sets..everything including the camera angles and face expressions..and mostly it is a let down..examples..Ellapughazhum..a stirrer by Rahman..and wat does that so called actor do with it..aaargghhhh..and another one called S.J.Suryah..kills all the life in the most amazing songs with his gimmicks..i hope Maalai Nehram doesn become one of wont..selva s dependable to provide good stuff..i just now saw the performance of the song by Andrea..sounds so good..brings a small tear with its melonchalic tone..hats off GVP..chow!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Home Alone!!

Deserted..everything around me..everyone sounds of laughter(except mine :) ...)..nothing to look out for when i get back home..except for all the kalyana bro's marriage was one of those pinnacle moments in my life..i could not address him the way i usually would(i.e poda,panni,etc etc!!)..Manni is the sweetest person i have met..always smiling..always cheerful..its so hard to fine people who can always afford a smile no matter wat!!..i am someone like that and i love meeting people in my league..(reminds me of my college senior Divya akka..always flashing a heart warming smile)..and it was real fun with everyone around..the most funny part was when i called out "MANNI" four of them would turn..includes my mama s wives and also my anni..usually when my uncle and his family came from the United States my job was to play around with my cousins keep them occupied..i was their best buddy..(still am though :)..)..but now they are all kinda grown..and this time when they came i got my chance to know Bhaskar mams n Anu manni really well..i usually didnt talk much to Anu manni..but this time i spent a hell a lot of time wit was great..we went shopping a lot..watched movies..she s so broad minded..she s so much fun to be around with..and i learnt a little about being responsible..i wouldnt mind boasting about myself(i do that a lot :P ..) but i sure did heck of a good job organising everything at the wedding..(everyone told me so also!!..)..but now all uncle manni and cousins left yesterday bro left today wil leav tomorrow to will mom..and life will be back to how it was..not that im complaining..but there s this itchy feeling to re live the last month all over happy i was..hoping for many such times ahead.and one more thing everyone focussed on told me was "unnoda route clear aayiruchu!!" irritating it was..did everyone forget that i was only 20!!..whatever..hmmm..gotta start learing for GRE..hopefully properly atleast this time..chow!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bad Start

Such a bad start today..i got up around 7.30 mornin after mom yellin into my ear drums for like half an hour..i mumbled and woke up..remembered that i had to charge my i after havin some coffee i went up..TO i pod charger broken..someone had put a big weight over it or somebody had trampled over it or somethin..the pin had broken..i came down cussing everyone who came to my head..then saw the telephone said the internet was used for 1000 bugs more than the even more angry..after changin i tucked in and was lookin for my belt..not to be found was one of those days where you would wanna yell "FUCK Y'ALL" and jus throw away everything..but then i got back to my senses and hurried to col..but it was great that i made it cos from the first min its been a laugh riot..havin great fun..dass sangli mutu praveen and me..right now its project hours for v jus entered the internet lab to burn time..hence i write this post..sometimes the best way to show anger is to shout it out..its way better than building it al up inside..or atlesast i feel FUCK Y'ALL..chow!!

Transformers 2 Review

So the date was July 10. The previous day i had already booked tickets for my family n my frens for the night show of Trasformers 2. I had quite high expectations since the first movie was amazing...but..ya i guess the tone of this sentence shows what i felt..but hats off to those god damn people of the west and their technology..the stunts,the bigger machines, the fight sequences were all super duper..and what a crowd..i was amazed that english films had such a good response in the city(considering ten of the last films were dubbed into tamil!!) cousin really enjoyed the film..i guess you could rate this as a movie for tenth graders and below..there were shades of the first movie in almost everything..from the slow-mo cam shots to the silliness of our hero's mom!!..but tat fella seems a lil grown in this movie..and Megan Fox is super hot..her very first appearence comes like one outta a racing bike magazine with her sliding on top of it with that typical pose..whatever..she s hot!!..towards the end comes the moment i was waiting for..Linkin of my favorite bands had composed the soundtrack for the first opne..that was essentially from their album Minutes To Midnight..but it was awesome..the soundtrack for this movie called New Divide is also by them..and my my..the director wanted something similar i guess...and it sounds so much like What i've Done..but they do sound good..but the breath taking stunts,the indomitable graphics,the big and burly machines themselves that make up the Transformers franchise...that fills the bill..chow!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Transformers 2

Transformers is one of those movies you never get tired can always laugh at the not so witty hero..stare open mouthed at Megan fox..(i guess thats wat she s called..not sure though)..and the Big machines transforming is so imagine the standards of graphics in the West..God damn!!..i watched that a lot..right now im leaving to the theatre to watch the second coimbatore there s this stupid habit of releasing english movies dubbed in tamil..utter crap!!..i remeber Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon was renamed "Paayum Puli Padhunghum Naagam"..ha i didnt visit the theatre for english movies..but T2 s in english..the poster in front of the theatre was not so well looked after..(Saw red gutka spat on it!!..yuck)..Anyways my cousins had come from USA and they were desperate to go to some i booked tickets early..although u wouldnt expect a crowd..karti and abi are comin along..hope its worth the money..chow!!


After many many days..2 years i guess...i wondered if my blog was still there..and wallaa!!..anyways i was wondering why i got back to blogging and its al cos of dear karti..he showed me some of his recent posts..then i also thought ill check out my blog..and so i did..and i thought i should start from where i left off..and i guess that would be nothing..he he he..i made some changes to my profile name..cos before this my blog read "Super moronic person online"..which i thought was innovative 2 years back..but thank god im back to my senses cos now im sane enuf to realise i was cussin myself..but atleast ppl would hav had a laugh..i changed it to Rock N Rolla..tha name inspired from the movie my Guy..and i thought it would be appropriate considering the amount of rock music blarin al the time all around me..and i changed my pic..i actually had better ones but i guess blogspot doesn have the crop feature like on i chose this one..i had this name called Hidante named in my blog..but i realised a blog is about you and it defines you so i have changed the about me name to mine..phew..thats about plannin to change the blog time..

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Orey TEnsion!!

appa..its been almost an era since i came bac..illai??..neways the other day i went to perur temple..patti, :) my cute patti had arranged for an abishegham i had to leave early..all of a sudden i am too much into god n temples nowadays..mostly durin these recent evenings i hang out wit ma bud karthik..he goes to temple everyday n i accompany him..its so peaceful inside the temple..ok..i aint writin an essay abt my ENLIGHTENMENTS or anythin..crap!!..ok gettin bac to the abishegam..i didn notice that the entrance to the main SANNADHI was not too high..i was doin the usual vetti polapu of sms ing..i hit the wall hard n went down..couldn understand wat the hek went on..phew..i came to ma senses but was real angry..i cursed the fella who built such stupid small entrances,..that would be Mr.RAJA RAJA CHOLA!! i dunno wat happened after that..i was damn moody n angry the whole day..i was pickin on evryone..i almost lost it..i called up all ma pals n started blastin them like anythin for all the stupid reasons..n that evenin as usual i went to karti's place..i hated him that day cos he looked smarter than me...i blasted him too...but i guess eventually he knocked some sense into me..!! :P ok..intha post ethuku na..if u ever go to temples watch out for stupid low entrances..cos if u get rammed in the head it will HURT..yipee!! more stupid post to go wit the rest!!!!!!!